Exemplar sponsors ‘Kiwi’s in Property’ event

Supported and attended by Exemplar’s ‘resident Kiwi’ Michael Bucknell, the event held at the Royal Academy welcomed the Bank of New Zealand’s Chief Economist Tony Alexander to share his insights into the New Zealand and Global economies.

For the London-based New Zealander’s working in the property industry, there was some interesting commentary presented in Tony’s unique and entertaining fashion. The picture painted was one of stable growth and sensible policy albeit not averse to destabilising factors in Australia, China and beyond.

For residential property, there were some eerily familiar dynamics in Auckland house prices to what we are seeing in London, particularly the increasing disconnect from affordability, planning constraining supply and the influence of foreign investment, particularly from Asia.

What made Tony truly unique was the fact that he was perhaps the only New Zealander on a business trip to London who chose to go back home the day before the Rugby World Cup started.