Enjoy a breath of fresh air thanks to The Avenue living wall.

As part of our commitment to improving and maintaining the local public realm, Exemplar is pleased to showcase the first Air Purification Units delivered in the UK in partnership with The Fitzrovia Partnership. Using the natural air purification of plants this installation will help contribute clean and healthy air at street level, producing almost 2 million litres of purified air every 24 hours.

Although trees and shrubs have been a traditional method of capturing and breaking down pollutants, trying to integrate more gardens into our streets whilst competing with pavement space and subsurface services, remains an ongoing challenge within London. Air purification units are vertical garden spaces to help to meet this challenge, by integrating technology with plants to capitalise on the natural process of phytoremediation – a process that breaks down pollutants. New developments in active green wall technology can significantly increase plant performance and magnify filtration efficiencies by as much as 200 times. Our site is the first anywhere in London to incorporate these units, and we are delighted to be able to play a key part in improving air quality for London.

The installation will remain part of the site hoardings until completion of the project.