We’re Wired Platinum

We’ve always worked extremely hard to ensure our buildings are developed to include the very latest technological features, including providing N+1 fallback systems to the majority of our new buildings. At Fitzroy Place, for example, we were the first residential developer to be able to provide “fibre to fibre” internet for our residents offering internet speeds of up to 350mbs! However communicating our efforts as developers can be difficult and so we’re now thrilled that there’s a world wide recognised certification now in place to grade buildings based on their digital infrastructure – Wired Certification.

Our first building to be graded by Wired is The Avenue, our building developed in partnership with Ashby Capital. Here we’re delighted to have been certified as Platinum, which is the highest rating available .

To achieve this we’ve provided a number of facilities, including two diverse ports of entry for communications, access to three service providers, and free WIFI available in all common areas. Maybe that’s why Skyscanner, amongst others, have made The Avenue their home.

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